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Financial inclusion has been one of the widely discussed topics since early 2000s. While two billion working age adults still have no access to financial services, the implementation of this concept has become highly significant particularly in developing and emerging economies. Adopting this concept as a major driving force, many financial organizations have incorporated latest technologies into their financial services and have unlocked new opportunities for consumers through technology- enabled platforms such as mobile and internet banking.

As technology – enabled platforms such as mobile and internet banking play a pivotal role in delivering improved financial services; customers expect more scalable, efficient and affordable financial services that can link all threads of communication together in real- time across channels. According to a recent report by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, mobile banking has been cited as one of the four areas which can drive the major breakthrough in alleviating poverty and expanding financial inclusion. Hence, it has become highly significant for organizations to include mobile banking as one of their primary services. Since these advancements in financial industry accelerate financial inclusion and provide end to end solutions for financial sector, customers are increasingly adopting technology – enabled platforms such as mobile banking, internet banking and other financial services to perform their operations optimally.

The current edition of ES Insights presents to you the “10 Most Recommended Financial service providers-2016”. The list here intends to bring some of the most prominent organizations which are at the forefront of providing reliable and cost effective Finance technology services of the highest calibre.

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10 Most Recommended Financial Service Providers